The Rise - Signal To Noise LP

by hecticrecs

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Smash the box and reject their rules. This scene belongs to each us, and it is what we make it. No doctrines were written, no parameters were set. Rules set limits and no limits exist to each of our differences and every single one of our influences. Hardcore is the sound of revolution, and revolution takes many shapes and forms. Born in the summer of the millennium, they are the future of this scene so many kids base their lives on. They are the band that will set the precedent for years to come. Indescribably and incomparable musical talent and love for music is all it took for this band to make an imprint in the great state of Texas and open a door to the rest of the world. Not metal, not indie rock, not emo, not punk rock, no sub genre could be used to describe this band exclusively. Influenced from each? Yes but not as a whole. Any band that can offer a sense of salvation to anyone. No matter what amount, is worth a listen. So here is what we offer: THE RISE. They play with a style that is, on a very basic level hardcore. But I think all of us involved are hoping that what we are doing now is a little refreshing and eventually leading up to defining something new,” explains Coco. “lots of ideas, more electronics. Getting down with keyboards, a piano, sequencers, samplers, this band is breaking ground on some interesting hardcore ideas. A must have for everyone in progressive and radical music.

pressrun: 1000


released January 1, 2004

Musicians; Ben Hicks, Cory Killduff, Stuart Reilly, Kemble Walters, Daniel Wood Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side NJ, Design by Matt Owens. Licensed from Ferretstyle.



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Track Name: The Fallacy Of A Retrospective Determinism
Heads bounce to a fresh pulse, a rise up rhythm. An uproar for reform. The crowd roars to a fresh pulse, I want to bring it down. Let's bring it down. T-1's and TEK-9's. .Wav files through phone lines, I am raising my arm, come on, I want to bring it down. Let's bring it down. A symphony of diodes. Doctrines stop, subtitles cleared. First we hit satellites, piece-by-piece the drive is down. A national riot dare. I'm calling out, this is permanent. Take a chance with contingencies. Please devise a requiem.
Track Name: An Automated Response If You Will
And shut down this assembly line quality. Your coin flipping paper, scissors, rock mentality, you justify through cognitive dissonance, lost in the sound of machine cut resonance. Drawn out cycles, electric shocks, keep you running, the lines don't stop.
Track Name: If All You Have Is A Hammer Everything Begins To Look Like Nails
Save yourself, disconnect. This is a restricted band of operation. Don't delay; this bridge is the threshold, even frequency response networks. Fatal error. Input, turnaround, this is network. This is impact, this will mark the day. All the time your computer screen reading, these sounds will kill.
Track Name: Constructive Criticism For A Predetermined Body Type
Come on and stay down, come on there's a party going on. Come on and stay down, pack it up now. Why will you run from anything? Face down and fed up, detune your radio, static is the sound. That's the price you pay. Last call for the last minutes. Last call for the absentee passive crowd. Last chance for the fall in lines and ready mades, last call for the proles. You've lost your world. And taken ethics over ground. This is overload.
Track Name: The Concept Of Transience
Nothing beats the epitome of false preconcieved notions, and I feel gripping for solid ground.
Track Name: Sophisticated Approach
Take this time to recognize what you are witnessing is the final breakdown of industry. Breach in protocol. Let's walk this line they've drawn with flags flown high and fists flown higher. Running and running away, take this time. This voice carries with it, a sound of discontent. The dust is still hanging and the bigger men have fallen hard. The crowd grows restless for process made simple. Don't back down. Now wipe that smile off your face. It won't be so pretty when it's at your door. Let's go down a lane that we've never been down. This is our time. Don't back down.
Track Name: 51 17
Four to one, it's when you get there. Tyranny, it's you who's going down. A half-mast crowd, and these bodies fall. (one by one) these screams ring loud. Try to run, but you'll get nowhere. Time is lost, it's you who's meaningless. Fake that smile and soon you'll feel, (all alone) these screams ring loud. Oh droids, droids, droids, this is my turn on the intercom, built in the ceiling speaker, telling you to wake up. Rock my body. Sense of wanting something better. Sense of wanting something else. Relief comes with consent and indifference.
Track Name: Goals Methodology Assessment
This is your social system. The unconcious of the commodity form, a form of idealogy. This is your social symptom. Fantasy as a support of reality. Objectivity of belief. You only die twice in this revolution as repetition, center around these truths. Objective conditions, repetition of history, reflexive descriptions, the image and the gaze form each other. Make yourself unlearn what you have been ingrained with. Names will be meaningless.
Track Name: The Machine Question
Yeah unite. Manage this theme... a nameless, wageless nation, stream downsizing, agents coalesce. Luddities adjust to industry. Watch it all burn away. Connected, quiet, these pulses from diodes... You thought you were safe behind that screen. Waiting but you made it faster and more efficient, becoming of you. How long before you think that computer's going to do your job? 1812 is more relevant than you think.